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Hatchery Vaccination

Vaccination by injection can be a stress for day-old chicks, so it has to be performed in a short time with a blameless technique. Because of that, Ceva may supply you specific poultry equipment dedicated to perform high quality vaccination in hatcheries:


The Cabinet Sprayer for Day Old Chick Vaccination

This is a very adaptable and convenient method of administering live vaccines.

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        + DESVAC DOVAC

The Automatic Injector for Day Old Chick Vaccination

This injector is designed for the vaccination of day old chicks subcutaneously in the neck or intra-muscularly in the leg.

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Breeder and Layer Vaccination

        + DESVAC IMVAC

The Automatic Intramuscular Injector for Pullet Vaccination

The machine can do single or double injections, and the activation of  3 detection points in the mould ensures good positioning of the birds and guarantees the correct site of injection. Furthermore, it reduces significantly the risk of accidental injection to vaccination crews.

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