The Cabinet Sprayer for Day Old Chick Vaccination


Vaccination by spray in semi automatic systems is usually the first one performed when a hatchery decides to start vaccinating, because of its apparent simplicity. But the nozzle technology and maintenance of the equipment need a thorough and dedicated work and knowledge. The equipment provided by Ceva Santé Animale is the Desvac HATCH SPRAY cabinet. This is a semi automatic cabinet sprayer with 4 nozzles for the application of poultry respiratory vaccines to day old chickens (e.g.: CEVAC®VITABRON, CEVAC®VITAPEST).

The machine’s body is made from stainless steel. Its functioning is mainly based on pneumatic components. The machine has a roller system which makes handling extremely light and which places crates automatically in good position. A stainless steel plate under the roller system collects excess of liquid if necessary. 

Desvac Hatch Spray  works with 4  nozzles adapted to  chick  boxes  with a width of 40-50 cm  (16-20’’)  and  a  length  of  60-65  cm  (24-26’’).  The use of  4  nozzles  ensures  a better coverage of all the chicks present in the chick box. A cabinet sprayer can vaccinate about 30-40,000 DOC.


  • Poultry respiratory vaccine is a biological product that may irritate eyes and lungs of the operator. For reasons of safety and hygiene the operator should wear a filter face mask/respirator with goggles or eye shield and protective clothing.
  • Before disconnecting any part of the Desvac Hatch Spray, always close the main pressure entry valve (black button on the control box).
  • Make sure that only well trained personnel use the Desvac Hatch Spray and follow the cleaning / maintenance instructions.
  • Read the Desvac Hatch Spray manual completely before using the equipment to understand how to install and how to use it.


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