The Automatic Injector for Day Old Chick Vaccination

(Single injector and double injector)


Vaccination by Injection is a stress for day-old chicks, so it has to be performed in a short time with a blameless technique. Because of that, we need specific equipment dedicated to perform a high quality vaccination in hatcheries. The equipment provided by Ceva Santé Animale is called DOVAC, is developed for injection of Day Old Chicks in the hatchery either by subcutaneous (SC) or intra-muscular (IM) route. This is an automatic injection machine functioning completely based on pneumatic power and with an ergonomic design and a structure for a friendly use.
 DOVAC exists in two versions for a single vaccination and a double one: DOVAC Single Injector and DOVAC Double Shot. The machine may have a syringe for 0.1 ml, 0.2 ml or 0.25 ml doses adapted for the administration of oil or water vaccines. You can choose the designated syringe according to the vaccine that will be applied:

  • Syringe for oily vaccine (e.g.: CEVAC®Broiler ND K)
  • Syringe for aqueous vaccine (e.g.: Transmune® IBD)
  • Syringe for Marek vaccine (e.g. Vectormune® IBD, Vectormune® ND)

DOVAC Double Injection machine has similar characteristics to the Dovac Automatic Single Injection machine. The main difference is found in the capacity to inject two products in one bird in exact dosage.

Skilled personnel can reach a rate of 2500 up to 3000 chicks per hour with this machine.


  • Make sure that only well trained personnel use the DOVAC and follow the operation and cleaning / maintenance instructions.
  • Read the DOVAC manual completely before using the equipment to understand how to install and how to use it.
  • For any maintenance activity, or replacement of needle, switch of the machine completely turning the “on/off switch” to the left (manometer indicates 0).
  • For adjustment of the syringe position or changing of the action plate settings always bring the syringe in the specific position for this action, turning the injection position button to the right.
  • Replace defective parts with new parts that have been supplied by Desvac immediately.
  • Replace needles regularly to guarantee good quality of injection and to reduce the risk of cross contaminations. In all cases, be aware that you can injure your self with needles and you must handle them extremely careful to avoid this. Always use new disposable needles of the brand Neolus available from Desvac.
  • Always carry the DOVAC horizontally using both hands. Do not carry the DOVAC upside down holding the machine in one hand only.
  • Never touch the action plate push button with your finger. Always use a screwdriver or a pencil or similar and touch the action button on the complete upper end.
  • Never place your finger or any other object in front of the syringe holder.
  • In case of accidental injection of the person using the machine, contact immediately a doctor and show the insert leaflet relating to the product that has been injected.


Accuracy of the injection site depends on the machine settings, which must be corrected if required. Also, when the work pace is too fast in semi-automatic or manual vaccination, it is not rare that the operator maintains the chick in an inadequate position and injection is not performed properly. The operator’s level of fatigue is often involved. 

An  oil-based  vaccine  (white)  can  be  readily  discerned  under  the  skin.  On the contrary, a water-based vaccine will require the use of a specific dye (FD&C Blue #1 or Patent Blue V). The quality of vaccination is highly dependent on the operator’s level of fatigue and operational skills.

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