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Farm Vaccination

Long living birds need a well established immunity to help them cope with eventual disease challenges in the farms. The increased number of vaccinations and handlings during the rearing period can make them feel stress. 

So Ceva developed the EGGS Program to reduce the number of vaccinations and response to the stress while improving the quality of vaccination.

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Ceva EGGS Program: Simpler and safer vaccination

The EGGS Program is a comprehensive service package to accompany breeder and layer professionals in four ways:


Our Field Service teams will visit your operation on a regular basis and conduct a number of tests and measures according to the EGGS Program procedures. Their objective is to work collaboratively with the farm teams to improve the quality of vaccination.

Ceva EGGS Program offers a complete vaccination solution:

- Unique equipment for correct application of vaccines in the field

- Comprehensive services & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

  • Preparation and handling
  • Training on equipment use, maintenance and cleaning
  • Correct vaccine application to reach optimal immunization
  • Monitoring and diagnoses: vaccination audits and improvement guidelines.

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