Classical Swine Fever - Hog Cholera

In the SWINE field, Ceva has the honors of providing the information to support the usage and the quality of ours products with the best ways.

The severity of this disease varies with the strain of the virus, the age of the pig, and the immune status of the herd.

Acute infections, which are caused by highly virulent isolates and have a high mortality rate, are likely to be diagnosed rapidly. However, infections with less virulent isolates can be more difficult to recognize, particularly in older pigs. These infections may be relatively mild, and can resemble septicemias caused by other agents, as well as other diseases. In some herds, the only symptom may be poor reproductive performance or the failure of some pigs to thrive.

The wide range of clinical signs and similarity to other diseases can make classical swine fever challenging to diagnose, thus, it make the farmers difficult to prevent and protect their herds.

So Ceva Animal Health Vietnam has the honour of providing the timely and useful informations relating to classical swine fever to support the expert knowledge and suggest some solutions that can be applied.

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