Enzootic Pneumonia

Enzootic pneumonia (EP), is a chronic respiratory disease causing major economic losses to the swine industry worldwide.

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae is the primary agent of porcine enzootic pneumonia. This disease reduces the performance of infected pigs (the decreased growth rate), increases feed conversion ratio & treatment expense and gives the potentiation of other respiratory tract pathogens. The severity of clinical signs and resultant economic loss varies between pigs and herds. Today, with the density of pigs in larger farms, the significance and severity of this infection has become a greater challenge.

A better understanding of the pathogen, of the role of immuity and of the methods on how to indentify problematic farms or herds, and not only problematic individuals, can help us to take the correct decisions in applying the reasonable preventive measures to improve the control of enzootic pneumonia.

So Ceva Animal Health Vietnam has the honour of providing the timely and useful informations relating to enzootic pneumonia to support the expert knowledge and suggest some solutions that can be applied.

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