Evaluation of pneumonia and pleurisy

 Pneumonia and pleurisy can be evaluated in a qualitative and quantitative manner.

In the Ceva Lung Program, pneumonia is scored based on Madec method, which has been modified considering the contribution of each lobe to the overall capacity of the lungs. Quantification of Scarring is included.

Pleurisy is scored using the Slaughterhouse Pleurisy Evaluation System (SPES) method, although here in the Ceva Lung Program all cranial pleurisy is recorded as Cranial Pleurisy Scoring. Then the APPI is calculated for the A.p. induced dorso-caudal pleurisy.



Part 3.1 - Modified Madec Scoring

Part 3.2 - Quantification of Scarring

Part 3.3 - Cranial Pleurisy Scoring

Part 3.4 - Dorsocranial pleurisy based on SPES

Part 3.5 - Processing the Scores



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