TRANSMUNE IBD: Protecting more than 210 chicks every second around the world!

CEVAC® TRANSMUNE IBD Live Immune Complex vaccine For the active immunization of chickens against Infectious Bursal Disease.

When in 1957, Dr. Al Cosgrove isolated the IBD virus on a farm close to the small US coastal town of Gumboro, Delaware, little could he have known that Gumboro would become the common name for a global disease that is one of the most detrimental for poultry industry.

Fortunately as the disease has spread to all parts of the globe, so have the latest scientific tools to fight it.

TRANSMUNE, the latest immune complex vaccine, developed from the scientific heritage begun by Cosgrove, is now used to protect close to 7 billion chicks per annum in more than 50 countries.  That’s more than 210 chicks per second!

Since it’s launching, more than 21 billion broilers have been already vaccinated with TRANSMUNE.

As a result, CEVA has made available in five of the globes most spoken languages:

New material including a 3D video that explains the intricate technology behind immune complex vaccination has also been added.

By Branko Alva


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