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Vaccine protector and blue tracer

Ensures optimal immunity and uniform protection

Vaccine protector

CEVAMUNE® neutralizes chlorine and strong alkaline pH in the water, factors which are harmful for the survival of the live vaccine's organisms.

Chlorine is added routinely to drinking water as a disinfectant, at a dosage rate of 0.5 - 2.5 ppm (part per million) to make the water drinkable.

At this concentration, chlorine is a strong inactivating agent for live vaccines. Indeed chlorine is a bactericidal at 0.1-0.2 ppm. and a virucidal agent at 0.3-0.5 ppm of free chlorine. Therefore, before the administration of live vaccines, you must neutralize all free chlorine in the water, in order to protect the vaccine's organisms.

Chlorine can be inactivated by combining it with proteins, which would transform the free chlorine into inert chloramines.

Traditionally, poultry growers, for the neutralization of chlorine and protection of live vaccines, use powdered skim milk at the rate of 2.5 gr per litre of water.

It is important to note that active chlorine concentration in drinking water is very unstable and often can reach extremely high levels. Therefore it is very difficult to control, which means, frequent monitoring of chlorine levels are required.

Note that the taste and smell of chlorine cannot be used as indicator to evaluate chlorine concentration. It appears only at the level of 0.4-0.5 ppm, which is higher than the bactericidal or virucidal effect of chlorine.

The administration of a single tablet of CEVAMUNE® to 100 liters of drinking water, would fully neutralize up to 34 ppm of free chlorine, and would re-balance the water pH back to its initial value, protecting the vaccine in contact with bird's mucous membranes.

A blue tracer

CEVAMUNE® allows the control of uniformity and rapidity of the blue coloured vaccine solution within the whole drinking system of the poultry house.

CEVAMUNE® allows the evaluation of vaccine intake by the individual bird. The blue coloured vaccine solution tints the tongue and the crop of the birds for one to two hours. That would ensure optimal immunity and uniform protection to the whole flock.


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