Vectormune® ND launch in Vietnam

Vectormune® ND - 1 step forward in Newcastle protection

Vung Tau city, Vietnam, May 24-25, 2015: Ceva Vietnam organized the launch meeting for Vectormune® ND in Vung Tau, a coastal city in South of Vietnam. 60 poultry operators attended the event, from all over Vietnam, including all the Broiler integrators and the main Day-old Chick producers for native birds.

The seminar was opened by Ruud Aerdts - Asia Director - who provided an outlook of the challenges and opportunities for the poultry sector in Asia. Dr Nitiwat, Ceva Poultry Regional Market manager provided the audience with an update on Newcastle disease in Asia. Dr. Robert Soares, Ceva’s Poultry Technical Manager for Asia, presented the new approach to “the Control of Newcastle Disease” and highlighted the features, advantages and benefits of Vectormune® ND.


Vectormune® ND will bring huge benefits to the broiler customers to control the Newcastle disease in a highly pressured area. It is also opening the door to an even bigger market, the native birds. The native birds are long life yellow broiler, from local breeds. They are usually vaccinated against Marek’s at the hatchery. Ceva’s combined offer Vectormune® ND + Transmune® IBD, supported by the Chick Program®, is a very nice value proposition for these producers and the first feedback is very positive.


Ceva Vietnam intend to become the leader in hatchery vaccination and Vectormune® ND is expected to play a significant role for the Ambitions 2020.


By Trung Huynh
– Poultry Market Manager Vietnam


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