Over 500 customers from all over Asia attend Ceva’s “State of the Art” seminar in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand, March 10-13, 2015: Over 500 customers attended Ceva’s “State of the Art” seminars opened by Thailand’s former Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Yukol Limlamthong.  In an interview following the event, Dr. Yukol said that this type of innovation-led but practical approach was an excellent example of how the private sector could contribute to improving the efficiency and sustainability of livestock production in the booming ASEAN region.


The topics and expert speakers were pre-selected by Ceva’s customers from the region, with 3 parallel sessions detailing “state of the art” practice in chicken, egg and swine production.

Ventilation in broiler/layer houses, for example, is a basic production detail that is sometimes not seen as a priority in Asia. As expert, Dr. Michael Czarick of Georgia University pointed out “There have been tremendous advances in genetics, nutrition and vaccination but careful planning of housing in Asia has not followed at the same pace.  You wouldn't house a Ferrari in a tin shed so why do it with your most prized asset?”

Dr. Don Ritter of Mountaire Farms is an extremely well respected poultry veterinarian in the US and presented the “State of the Art” methods for the control of salmonella from “Farm to Fork” in that country.


The "State of the Art" theme was continued the next day, when Ceva unveiled its totally new stand at the VIV Asia exhibition.  The stand was split into 2 parts allowing customers to walk between one half dedicated to equipment and services - for the first time an Egginject in-ovo machine was on hand and the other to products including Tramsmune and Hyogen.


VIV Asia Gallery



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